Part I: An Introduction to the New NC Essential Standards for Information and Technology

Objectives: Participants will...
  • remember the ITES strands
  • apply their learning by identifying opportunities to embed the ITES within other areas of curriculum
  • evaluate their own skill sets and knowledge as it relates to ITES

Essential Questions
  • Why are the new Information and Technology Essential Standards important for North Carolina students and teachers?
  • What are the new Information and Technology Essential Standards and how do they relate to other areas of the curriculum?

Introduction & Logistics:

Backchannel on the Edmodo ITES Trainees Group page
During the session, please feel free to post comments and questions that you have.

Intro Activity (on Google Docs):

Click on the image below (KWHL Chart), and follow the instructions given.

Activity 1 (on Wikispaces Discussion) -- What is 21st Century Learning?:
  1. Please click here.
  2. Click on the subject of my post (Activity 1: What is 21st Century Learning?)
  3. Sign in using your Wikispaces account information.
  4. Reply to the post, answering the question in your own words.
  5. Read the post replies of 3 others from our group today.

Thinking about Today’s StudentA Vision of K-12 Students Todayalso available on & on SchoolWAX TV

Technology in the Classroom: What Students Are Saying by Justin Tarte

Activity 2 (on Blog & Simple K-12 Blog) -- THINK, PAIR, SHARE

The 21st Century Educator
  1. THINK: Please read the following 2 articles-- "9 New Skills You Need To be a 21st Century Educator" and "21 Signs You're a 21st Century Teacher"
  2. PAIR: Move to your assigned groups.
  3. SHARE: Food for thought--
    Do you agree or disagree with the blogs?
    What addenda would you include?
    Which of these skills do you already demonstrate?
    How has pedagogy changed, and what role has technology played in that evolution?

The Strands
Review of the ITES Strands and results of the Edmodo Quiz ("Prerequisite: Reviewing the ITES")

rainbow_web_0710.jpgActivity 3
(on Google's Blogger using the ACRE's Standards Site as reference) -- Connecting the Standards to the Curriculum

The Rainbow Connection
  1. Go to Google's Blogger, and sign in (using your Gmail account username/password.)
  2. Create a new blog. You can name it Mr. Smith's Blog and create a unique URL with no punctuation, i.e. mrsmithsblog.
  3. Quickly choose a theme, & continue to begin blogging.
  4. Title the blog post: ITES Activity 3 by (your name).
  5. Analyze other Common Core / Essential Standards for places to connect with the ITES. What commonalities do you notice?
    How do they compare?
  6. "Take notes" in the form of a blog on all the connections that you find.
  7. Copy the link to your blog entry, and paste it in an email to me to share with others.

If time doesn't permit you to finish this activity during the session, please complete it prior to attending the next session (Part II). This is a prerequisite to Part II.

Closure: Q & A--Discussion/questions on backchannel

ITES Resources

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