Part II: Planning & Implementing the New NC Essential Standards for Information and Technology

Objectives: Participants will...
  • remember the ITES strands
  • review their connections made to other curricula
  • understand the connection between the ITES and the NC Professional Teaching Standards
  • create strategies for implementing the ITES in 2011-12

Essential Questions
  • How are the new Information and Technology Essential Standards aligned with the North Carolina Professional Teaching Standards?
  • How do North Carolina teachers prepare to teach these new Essential Standards?

Introduction & Logistics:

Backchannel on the Edmodo ITES Trainees Group page
During the session, please feel free to post comments and questions that you have.

Review Activity A (on Google Docs)
Do you remember? ITES Fast Facts

Review Activity B (on Wikispaces & Google's Blogger)
The Rainbow Connection
  1. Click here and review the blogs of others who also reviewed the connection between the ITES and your content area CC/ES.
  2. Post a comment under the blogs that includes positive feedback as well as any additional ideas that you'd like to share.
    See this resource for teaching quality commenting on blogs.
  3. Participate in whole-group discussion on the connections made.

Activity 1 (on VoiceThread): ITES & Pedagogy

The Connection Between the ITES and the NC Professional Teaching Standards(Also see Media Coordinator & Technology Facilitator Standards)
1. In the VoiceThread above, click "Sign in", & enter your account info.2. Click here to access the VoiceThread in full screen.3. View/listen to the 11 VoiceThread slides.4. Add your own comments to the slides by clicking "Comment". Click "Type" & type your response to each slide. 5. Click back through the slides, and click on the icons on the outside to read others' comments until time is called. 6. Move into your assigned pairs when asked to do so.7. Participate in paired discussion:
  • Food for thought-->
    • How are the ITES and the Professional Teaching Standards connected?
    • What significance do these new standards have in terms of planning and implementing lessons?
    • What role does instructional technology play?
    • What will my colleagues need to meet these standards, and how will they get what's needed?

Activity 2 (on Google Docs)-- KWHL
  1. Click here to return to the KWHL chart partially completed in Part I.
  2. Find your name & entry.
  3. Complete the last column: L-What have I learned?

Activity 3 (on Wikispaces Project)-- Planning for Implementation
Moving Forward with ITES
  1. Move into your teams as assigned (by number).
  2. Designate a team recorder to type discussion points on your team's page.
  3. Team Recorder:
    • Click here to visit my Wikispaces Project page.
    • Click on today's date listed under "ITES Project."
    • Then, click on your team's page.
    • Click the "Edit" tab on the right.
    • Type notes for your team as you all discuss.

As a team, discuss strategies for moving forward with the ITES at your school.
Food for thought:
  • What are my strategies for moving forward
    • as an individual
    • as a member of a PLC
    • as part of a school-wide effort
    • as a leader
    • and as a partner with parents in my community?

  • What issues are anticipated? What are possible solutions for these issues?

If time doesn't permit you to finish this activity during the session, please complete it prior to attending the next session (Part III). This is a prerequisite to Part III. You will receive instructions via email.

Q & A-Discussion/questions on backchannel

ITES Resources

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