Part III: Building Resources for Teaching the New NC Essential Standards for Information and Technology

Objectives: Participants will...
  • review their strategies for implementing the ITES in 2011-12
  • create products using instructional technology tools to use in teaching the ITES to others
  • contribute to a Personal Learning Network (PLN) on Edmodo by sharing their created products

Essential Questions
  • How can we use instructional technology tools in order to meet the ITES in our curriculum?

Introduction & Logistics:

Backchannel on the Edmodo ITES Trainees Group page
During the session, please feel free to post comments and questions that you have.

Review Activity (on Wikispaces Projects)
Review the ITES Strategies developed after Part II.

Activity I (on WallWisher): Teaching the ITES with Tech Tools

Brainstorming Activity:
  • Think about...
    • What instructional technology tools can be used for...
      • communication?
      • collaboration?
      • presentation?
      • information?
    • Which tools will you use to teach colleagues about the ITES?
  • Click "Post a Sticky" below to open the WallWisher site. Double-click on the wall to add a sticky note with the tools you'd like to utilize and share with your colleagues & students.

Activity II: Resource Search & Development Work Session

Decide which tech tools you want to use for teaching the ITES to others. Begin creating your resources based on the tools and strategies discussed.

Activity III: Contribute & Collaborate
  • Share what you've created by uploading your resources on our Edmodo ITES Group page. These will also be shared on GEMS.
  • Explore the resources shared by others on Edmodo.
  • Plan how you will share your resources with your colleagues at school.

Q & A-Discussion/questions on backchannel
Next Steps
ITES Course Survey

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