ITES Course Prerequisites

Course Prerequisites: Prior to attending the Part I session, please complete the following three prereqisites in red.
1. Review the Information and Technology Essential Standards (ITES) for your grade level(s)

2. Create and verify via email accounts for the following websites. Please write down your usernames/passwords, and bring them to the Part I & II trainings:
    • Wikispaces (See page 3 of my Wikispaces guide for details. Once you've joined the site, you can request membership to my wiki when prompted, but this is not a prerequisite.)
    • Edmodo
      • Create an account on GCS' Edmodo site.
      • Find your school code here. Enter that code when prompted.
      • On the left, find "Groups", & click "Join". Enter the ITES group code ivnfb3.
      • See Prerequisite 3 below for your Edmodo assignment (quiz)
    • Google (If you gave a Gmail account, then you have a Google account)
    • VoiceThread
    • HMH Academics (netTrekker): (This is accessible via GCS Parent Academy, so click here if you need to join & access HMH Academic Success.)
    • Discovery Education (Please contact your school's Media Specialist for the passcode that's required for registration)

3. Take a quick quiz ("Prerequisite: Reviewing the ITES") on the Edmodo ITES Trainees Group page. Once you begin the quiz, you must finish it within 60 minutes. There are only 2 questions to answer. On average, it's taken 7 minutes to complete. Note: You must be a member of our group to see and complete the quiz. See the Edmodo info under number 2 above.
Want to see how you scored and receive feedback from your Edmodo Quiz? Click here for instructions.

For those on the waiting list:
Space is limited. If you have not received a confirmation email from PD, then you are not enrolled and are currently still on the waiting list. Please complete the prerequisite activities in preparation for sessions, but only attend once you have received that confirmation email from PD.

Click here to view the training (Part I). (Please do not complete any of the session activities prior to attending, only the prerequisites.)