eBeam Training for Curriculum Specialists

Objectives: Participants will...

  • learn how the eBeam works
  • engage in various Whiteboard lessons
  • develop ideas to use the eBeam & interactive sites in T&L sessions

Introduction: Learn about the eBeam, & practice using the pen & tool palettes

Activity 1: Explore free online resources

Activity 2: Engage in interactive lessons

Activity 3: Think-Pair-Share

Think: Explore the interactive resources by your subject area page linked here. Think about:
  • how the site could be used in the classroom
  • whole-class v. individual v. group/paired activities
  • how the eBeam could be used with the sites explored
  • how you could use the eBeam & the sites to engage learners at your T&L sessions
Pair: Pair up as instructed.
Share: Explain to your partner/partners the sites you explored & how they could be integrated into a lesson using the eBeam

Closing activity: Discussion/Reflection
  • Select & copy the questions 3 questions below:

    1. What is the most important thing you learned today?
    2. What are your next steps for using the eBeam in your work?
    3. What do you want to learn more about?

  • Click on the "Discussion" tab above on this wiki page ("eBeam").
  • Click "New Post", & write "Reflection" & your 1st & last name in the subject line.
  • Paste & answer the questions in the "Message" box.
  • Click "Post" to submit your answers.
  • Complete & submit the survey at the bottom of this page about your experience in today's session.
  • Log off of the computer.

Further Readings: Research on Interactive Whiteboards:

eBeamstudent.jpgMore Resources: